Inside Japan by Roberto Badin

Inside Japan by Roberto Badin


There is a deliberate intention on my part to find an element of privacy in every place I visit. If you take a closer look, it remains a distant approach, I never overstep.

- Roberto Badin

Many Japanese consider books to be the ultimate vehicle for photographic work. It allows the artwork to travel through time, respects the author’s desires, and creates an unmatched intimacy with the reader.

With ”Inside Japan”, Roberto Badin shatters preconceived ideas about Japanese cities: crowded subways, overpopulated intersections, saturated with multicolored neon lights. Roberto Badin invites you to discover the heart of a country full of contrasting traditions and modernity.

Each page is a work of art of the utmost precision. A clear vision. The masterful framing and natural light are meticulous narrators. Despite the chaos of the metropolis, Roberto Badin captures ordinary life: a quiet daily routine, true, serene, intimate and silent. Lonely at times.

“Inside Japan” reads as a novel page after page. Take your time. Open your eyes. Contemplate each detail. Your journey just begun.

Benjamin Blanck

Edited by Benjamin Blanck.

Published by Benjamin Blanck.

116 pages

Legal Deposit 4th quarter 2018

Printed in UE

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